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Urban Children Portraits



I think photographers like chefs sort of start off with something safe in the beginning. Not wanting to rock the boat too much or risk criticism from conventional tried and true flavours. After all, while we love photography, we have to pay bills therefore it’s important to find a balance of artistic creativity and yet meet our clients expectations.

There seems to be an established school children photography style that are prescribed over the years…. like “This is how you make a shepherd’s pie. Don’t you mess with it!”. When we first started out, we sure felt like that young chef Linguini in Ratatouille movie. Timid and shy but having big ideas. Unlike that movie, we had some pretty amazing clients that saw our artistic vision and gave us “wreckless” permission to shoot however we want. Over time we evolve and hopefully like any good chefs… for the better!

So here we are, our continuation of tweaking school children portraits. Disrupting where we can. Testing the lighting boundaries (and patience!). This year’s school shoot has a bit of an edge to it because we feel that the photos should resonate with the subjects. After all we never have and never will fake it with ridiculous smudgy backdrops. We are Veritas Images. Truth in Image.

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The Sanabrias in New Westminster

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The Sanabrias love rock. Not just the music kind but Raul dedicates a room with wall to ceiling exhibits of exotic rare earth material from all over the globe….. including a couple of meteorite specimens. Yes, there was this green looking one…. Nevermind! We’re here to photograph their latest family addition and not geek-out (mostly Alwin) at cool looking rocks.

We spent an afternoon with the Sanabrias capturing simple life moments at home with baby Alba. Sometimes we forget ourselves as just how blessed we are to be invited into homes to photograph beautiful warmth family moments.

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Belinda & Nick Wedding at Shannon Wall Estate


Sometimes all it takes is a note. A love note to your wife or girlfriend. Sometimes it’s just an appreciation sticky to a husband or father of your child. A written gesture to express how deeply one feels for the other. There’s something really special with hand-written love notes. It connects in a personal way that no emoji on an LCD screen can ever replicate. We were connected to Nick and Belinda through Peter & Angie (aka Bunny Couple) to photograph their private intimate wedding at this historic Shannon Wall estate in Vancouver. Yes like most of you, we were confused thinking it was Sheraton Wall Center.

However this secluded location does exist and boy were we thrilled photographing this wedding there. We had so much fun wandering the incredible location. Here are some photos documenting that afternoon special event.

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Roots to Wings 2017



Fall is here! Time flies and as we begin gearing up for the cooler weather, we also look forward to working with the wonderful children and staff at Roots to Wings in Maple Ridge. We’re continued to be delighted by these small wonders. Despite their tender age, they all come so prepared for the shoot. For a change, we like to share with you some more candid moments of this season’s project.

Gina + Tito | Wedding at Summerland, BC


Well well well…. we have had the most amazing time in Arizona <ahem!> Summerland, BC. Who knew the lushes land of British Columbia has a sliver of desert landscape for Gina & Tito’s wedding. For you long time VI lurkers, you might remember Gina & Tito engagement shoot in urban New Westminster. Well we hit the road to cover their ridiculously awesome wedding and what a privilege it was for us! This adobe style resort of La Punta Norte perches atop an outcrop overlooking the stunning Okanagan Lake.

There’s something about Latin weddings. It’s so familial. So fun…. So fiesta!!!! Hey we learned a new skill during this wedding shoot – photography while dancing! Can you dig it?! Well vamanos!

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