Belinda & Nick Wedding at Shannon Wall Estate


Sometimes all it takes is a note. A love note to your wife or girlfriend. Sometimes it’s just an appreciation sticky to a husband or father of your child. A written gesture to express how deeply one feels for the other. There’s something really special with hand-written love notes. It connects in a personal way that no emoji on an LCD screen can ever replicate. We were connected to Nick and Belinda through Peter & Angie (aka Bunny Couple) to photograph their private intimate wedding at this historic Shannon Wall estate in Vancouver. Yes like most of you, we were confused thinking it was Sheraton Wall Center.

However this secluded location does exist and boy were we thrilled photographing this wedding there. We had so much fun wandering the incredible location. Here are some photos documenting that afternoon special event.

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Gina + Tito | Wedding at Summerland, BC


Well well well…. we have had the most amazing time in Arizona <ahem!> Summerland, BC. Who knew the lushes land of British Columbia has a sliver of desert landscape for Gina & Tito’s wedding. For you long time VI lurkers, you might remember Gina & Tito engagement shoot in urban New Westminster. Well we hit the road to cover their ridiculously awesome wedding and what a privilege it was for us! This adobe style resort of La Punta Norte perches atop an outcrop overlooking the stunning Okanagan Lake.

There’s something about Latin weddings. It’s so familial. So fun…. So fiesta!!!! Hey we learned a new skill during this wedding shoot – photography while dancing! Can you dig it?! Well vamanos!

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Behind the Scenes and Bloopers

behind the scenes
    Time flies and here we are staring at 2016. A few weeks ago while visiting our local library, I came across a photography magazine article titled “What kind of photographer are you?“. This really got me thinking. After five years, who have we become? Did we set out to become the photographer that we wanted to be? Did we stay true to our photography calling?
     When Anne and I started our journey into portrait and wedding photography in the Vancouver region, we knew it would be hard work. Nothing comes easy. Compounded by the fact that we are both consummate artists. After all these years, we get the jitters every time we begin a shoot. From the beloved children photography to weddings, we still get butterflies in the stomach! Because we want so much for clients like yourself to have not just our very best but also uniquely yours. The goal is and always have been about relational artistic photography.
     We have since traveled to different cities, folks traveled from different cities, photographed hundreds of people resulting in terabytes of images. Vanity. Ego. So what. Honestly they don’t mean anything if it weren’t for all the support from you. Friends and families who propel us with the confidence to move forward. This is a humbling experience for me personally. Skills are one thing, but gaining your Trust is what allowed us to strive for better. So a big THANK YOU! for believing in us. Sorry for the long-windedness, we just want to unpack what’s in our hearts.
    Breaking from the traditional year in review video, we want to invite you to check out some of the wacky moments.
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Marina & Jay Wedding at the Burnaby Village Chapel

Burnaby Wedding, Vancouver Wedding, Burnaby Village Wedding

How ya feeling? Hot! Hot! Hot! Temperature in the Vancouver area was hovering about 34C. The city average about 25C this time of the year. And we’re about to shoot a jam packed Burnaby Village Chapel wedding in the afternoon. This is going to be an interesting one for sure. Hmm… so how are we going to combat the heat?…. in a century old chapel?

Never fear! Slurpee and ice slushies to the rescue!

Marina & Jay gang simply didn’t let the heat bother them. In fact this has got to be one of the funnest weddings we got to shoot. Everyone was just having a ball of a time! Check out this sizzling hot couple’s wedding photos.

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Gina & Tito in New Westminster

Vancouver Engagement Photography, New Westminster Wedding, Engagement Sessionm, e-session

Hey where’s everyone?

That’s because it is raining. Feel that? See.

But it’s summer!

Tell it to the dark clouds.

Ahh yes. Despite the summer heat of 2015 with long stretches of dry season. You can always count on our photoshoots to almost draw in the rain clouds. California you got drought? Hire us for a photoshoot. We bring rain. Hah!

Thank God the shower was turned to a gentle spray…. maybe of divine providence to clean up the air for Gina & Tito’s engagement photoshoot in New Westminster. True enough a normally bustling urban New West was devoid of people and we got the entire antique row to ourselves. Win!!! 🙂

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