The Sanabrias in New Westminster

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The Sanabrias love rock. Not just the music kind but Raul dedicates a room with wall to ceiling exhibits of exotic rare earth material from all over the globe….. including a couple of meteorite specimens. Yes, there was this green looking one…. Nevermind! We’re here to photograph their latest family addition and not geek-out (mostly Alwin) at cool looking rocks.

We spent an afternoon with the Sanabrias capturing simple life moments at home with baby Alba. Sometimes we forget ourselves as just how blessed we are to be invited into homes to photograph beautiful warmth family moments.

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Wong Family @ the 100-Year old Carousel

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Whoa! This is faster than I thought. I vaguely remembered this 1912 carousel was pretty fun when we visited Burnaby Museum for Christmas years ago. A tad fast compared to the regular country fair merry-go-rounds. But a thrill nonetheless. Well we’re here with the Wong family. We arrived at the C.W. Parker Carousel just a few minutes before closing. The conductor was kind enough to let us hop on. He even invited me to get on for some carousel action photography. What that’s such a nice man. Did I detect an evil smile? Too late, it’s moving.

Unlike last time where I could go “Whee!!!” with my 5 year old, this time I was trying to stabilize myself with camera gear as Mr. Conductor turned up the juice. Whirl! Whirl! Whirl! Time to bring out the Kung-Fu Panda stance!

“Faster! Faster!” the two Wong boys gleefully screamed!

Soon everything became big blur… Buffeted by the gold wrapped posts and colourful wooden horses, I felt like a spinning pinata.

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Behind the Scenes and Bloopers

behind the scenes
    Time flies and here we are staring at 2016. A few weeks ago while visiting our local library, I came across a photography magazine article titled “What kind of photographer are you?“. This really got me thinking. After five years, who have we become? Did we set out to become the photographer that we wanted to be? Did we stay true to our photography calling?
     When Anne and I started our journey into portrait and wedding photography in the Vancouver region, we knew it would be hard work. Nothing comes easy. Compounded by the fact that we are both consummate artists. After all these years, we get the jitters every time we begin a shoot. From the beloved children photography to weddings, we still get butterflies in the stomach! Because we want so much for clients like yourself to have not just our very best but also uniquely yours. The goal is and always have been about relational artistic photography.
     We have since traveled to different cities, folks traveled from different cities, photographed hundreds of people resulting in terabytes of images. Vanity. Ego. So what. Honestly they don’t mean anything if it weren’t for all the support from you. Friends and families who propel us with the confidence to move forward. This is a humbling experience for me personally. Skills are one thing, but gaining your Trust is what allowed us to strive for better. So a big THANK YOU! for believing in us. Sorry for the long-windedness, we just want to unpack what’s in our hearts.
    Breaking from the traditional year in review video, we want to invite you to check out some of the wacky moments.
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the Chan Family at Tipperary Park, New Westminster

New Wesminster Family Photography, Portrait in New West, Tipperary

A little two years’ ago we had the opportunity to photograph this trio at Granville Island. Despite travelling half-way round the globe to Vancouver, we made the Chans feed ducks back then. Well they are back looking for more! The last time we saw Charlyne, she was just learning how to walk. Now she is just a mighty mite zipping about! We have no idea where this little 4 year old stores all her energy!

So this time instead of feeding feathered friends, we hit the Japanese garden inspired Tipperary Park for some awesome cherry blossom photography.

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the Kueis @ Kelowna


Ahh Kelowna, BC. The cool little city that’s split in two by Lake Okanagan. Home to some of British Columbia’s most excellent vineyards and fruit farms. So when we had the chance to go shoot some family photos there, we jumped on it. We followed the Kuei family around the area for some family portraits and celebrated Adrian’s fortieth. How many fingers do you take to count that?!

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