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Admittedly, I am a bit of a photography gear snob many years ago. It first started with my steadfast (err… stubborn) mindset on film as the valid photography medium. (Cue Kodak Reminder) Heck I still have a few old film cameras in my arsenal that see occasional use including a Canon EOS 3 that my dad gave me.  When I finally adopted digital medium it was Canon no less. Years ago when my cousin showed off her Sony Cybershot 3MP, I would laugh at her. After all, I enjoy Sony for many things like the Discman (ahem…even Walkman), Bravia TVs, Playstation and even their VAIO laptops aren’t bad. But camera? Really?! You got to be joking. Sony makes toys… not tools!

Well fast forward today, I am eating my own words with extra spicy sauce. You see, over the last decade or so, Sony has been steadily improving upon its imaging technology to the point where Sony is one of the main image sensor provider for many camera manufacturers including the likes of Nikon and selected Canon equipment. So sometime last year, Sony Canada in conjunction with Broadway Camera invited a bunch of photographers (and skeptics) to evaluate their latest products. This by invite only event was held at a derelict warehouse in of all places the notorious East Vancouver. Mmmkay.


Well they certainly trotted quite a bit of Sony Alpha professional bits including their A-Mount and E-Mount lines. Honestly, I really have no idea why Sony is keeping the A-Mount. I asked the nice Sony rep about it and Judy in her most wonderfully polished PR-ness told me while the E-Mount is enjoying a strong uptake and R&D investment, there are no plans to retire the A-Mount. Uh, OK that’s informative. Time to check out the pretty model who is getting a bit ignored thanks to the parade of sexy α and Zeiss lenses.

Without further ado, I’ll unpack the event experience and thoughts about Sony as a maker of professional imaging equipment.

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Behind the Scenes and Bloopers

behind the scenes
    Time flies and here we are staring at 2016. A few weeks ago while visiting our local library, I came across a photography magazine article titled “What kind of photographer are you?“. This really got me thinking. After five years, who have we become? Did we set out to become the photographer that we wanted to be? Did we stay true to our photography calling?
     When Anne and I started our journey into portrait and wedding photography in the Vancouver region, we knew it would be hard work. Nothing comes easy. Compounded by the fact that we are both consummate artists. After all these years, we get the jitters every time we begin a shoot. From the beloved children photography to weddings, we still get butterflies in the stomach! Because we want so much for clients like yourself to have not just our very best but also uniquely yours. The goal is and always have been about relational artistic photography.
     We have since traveled to different cities, folks traveled from different cities, photographed hundreds of people resulting in terabytes of images. Vanity. Ego. So what. Honestly they don’t mean anything if it weren’t for all the support from you. Friends and families who propel us with the confidence to move forward. This is a humbling experience for me personally. Skills are one thing, but gaining your Trust is what allowed us to strive for better. So a big THANK YOU! for believing in us. Sorry for the long-windedness, we just want to unpack what’s in our hearts.
    Breaking from the traditional year in review video, we want to invite you to check out some of the wacky moments.
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Rockin’ in out at PMC | Vancouver Commercial Photographer

commercial portrait photography vancouver

It’s winter and it’s kind of cold. So we headed indoors to a laboratory just east of Vancouver for some commercial photography. This is not like the TV episode of “Breaking Bad”. It’s all very methodical and analytical at Process Mineralogical Consulting (PMC).

Jeff Lane and his team of technicians provide professional analysis services on rock sample…. Stuff that ends with “-ites”. These samples come from various mining companies all over the world. We not only got to shoot some cool images, we also got to check out Jeff’s personal rock collection! Oh Yeah!!!

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It said ‘Press Here to Upgrade’.

“What are you doing?” Anne asked.

“I’m updating the website. It says press here to upgrade to WordPress 3.5” I told her. “See it says in progress….”

10 minutes passed.

“Are you done yet? We need to put the kids to sleep” Anne walked by. <silence>

“Did you hear me? What’s with the website?” She asked.

“Uh…. I think we have a problem. Uh.” I muttered staring at what was once www.veritas-images.com home of Vancouver Portrait Photography.

Please be patient as I (Alwin) will try to re-construct the site again. Hey in the mean time check out our blog entries. Cue the lonely mono elevator music.

Tacoma Car Museum

Our 2012… | Vancouver Portrait Photographer

Tempus Fugit – Time Flies. And it sure did for us!

The velocity of 2012 has caught us by surprise considering our initial shoot started in the Spring. Then it all went warp speed through to end of the year. Arghh!!! And here we are already! The photo-shoots have brought us to many cool locations in the Vancouver region. This year took us to gorgeous coastal parklands in Burnaby, quaint farms in Maple Ridge and Langley, White Rock’s beaches and many others including an urban studio shoot in a concrete basement! But through it all, Anne and I have had the greatest pleasure to  meet and connect with some really wonderful people.

Reflecting back this amazing year the one word that stood out is – relationships. When we first set out in our portrait business we always believe that images need to be authentic and relate-able. Our vision is to document relationships through our photography. Our Storybook Collection augments that vision in the form of fine-art albums. I supposed we must be doing something right as our storytelling photography work has been noticed by a major professional print house in the US!

We want to thank you for your support and encouragements. Anne and I truly appreciate you because you stood with us when we first birth Veritas Images and are still with us we continue to grow. Most of all we thank you for believing in our work. So without further ado as it was with last year, here are some highlights of 2012! Or you can visit the full HD version!

Thank You & God Bless,

Alwin & Anne