You’re probably expecting the typical “About Us” blurb on how we got into portrait photography in the Vancouver area. Perhaps tell you about this life transforming moment when we first got our hands on a film camera. Bright ray of light bursting from the heavens and all that. Truth is, we’re no different from you. We are foodies. We love to travel. Enjoy a great movie.

vancouver family portrait and wedding photographer

We’re Anne and Alwin Lai. One couple with two kids doing life together! Between the four of us, life goes by real fast. ZOOOM!!! So a few years ago, we thought “Hey, let’s have some family photos together at this place that also sells fridges and lawnmowers!” Wow! Throughout the entire time, our kiddies started gnawing at Fisher Price toys that was gnawed by other children before. Alwin left to check out TVs and 2 hours later we got our photos taken. CHEESE!!! The photos were fine despite we couldn’t relate to them. What’s revealing was that… the entire process left us with a dissatisfied experience.

It shouldn’t be like that. It should be better…. Way better. We feel life images are best captured in their natural state. It is our hope that when you revisit your images, they will reconnect you and your loved ones to time past and fun. It is about documenting relationships. So we set out to do just that. Translating our fresh vision on portrait photography to many people like yourself in the Vancouver region.

So there. No vintage film camera. No friend of a friend of a friend’s wedding. It’s just answering the call for better portrait photography experience that’s authentic, timeless and relational.

Looking forward to connecting with you.

Anne & Alwin Lai


ps: thank you nameless beach wanderer that took the above photo of us!