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Tan Family: the Story of Us | Maple Ridge Photographer

To those of you blog stalkers, you know we absolutely love documenting relationships through our photography. There’s no denying that. And we love images in the form of fine art albums. There’s just something very special and timeless about it all. It is an absolute joy for both Alwin and I to have the opportunity to capture the essence of families in and around Vancouver, BC. So when the Tans had us over to photograph their family we were thrilled to spend the afternoon to hang with them.

Here is their book. Their story.

Vancouver Portrait Photography

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the Fees Storybook | Langley Family Photographer

Vancouver Family Portrait, Maple Ridge Photography, Family Photography, Vancouver Portrait Photographer

Some of you may remember we spent a crisp morning photographing an American family at Derby Reach Park in Langley, BC earlier in the year. The Fees were super thrilled to have their family portraits visualized in our fine-art VI Storybook. You know we always enjoy this part of our work. As we design the album we are transported back to that day one more time. Once again, Anne did the design work. Without further ado, here it is!

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the Horry-Peterson Family Portrait Album | Vancouver Portrait Photographer

Here at Veritas Images, we are not just passionate about the idea of story through imagery, we sometimes border on obsession! And we just so love putting a family portrait shoot together in a finely crafted album. We visited the family’s Tsawwassen homestead back in the late fall of last year.  You can check out the images here. The Horry-Petersons are a wonderful family to photograph. Lots of fun, love and great family dynamics! The images lend themselves beautifully in our VI Storybook fine art collection.

Design Concepts. Every family is unique. As such we tailor each family portrait shoot based on the personality of the family. At the end of the day, Alwin and I feel strongly that the images should encapsulate the flavour of the family. We believe every image should relate back to its subjects’ personalites. This is the raison d’etre that drives our photography style. During the consultation session, Craig and Veronique expressed their preference for black and whites. For the Horry-Peterson family portrait album we feel that less is more. We went with a classic timeless design.

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