Langley Family Portrait

Wooden Fences and Tiny Kisses at Derby Reach Park | Langley Family Photographer

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The Balbagos certainly take the crown when it comes to the length of time from first contact to the photoshoot itself. You see we connected sometime back in 2012 for a family portrait shoot. But due to schedules and weather, or maybe the stars and moons didn’t align we never manage to meet up! So it wasn’t until one-year later that we finally MADE IT HAPPENED! =)

We took the city slicker family to rural Derby Reach in Langley for some family photography.  And what a blast we had with the Balbago family. So without further ado, here are some of our favourites! One year in the making…..

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To our Dads… We Salute You! | Vancouver Portrait Photographer


Over the years, we have had the great pleasure of photographing some of the most wonderful family portraits in Vancouver area! We just love standing back and enjoy watching the beautiful interaction of the dads with their children! Despite what the media like to portray father’s on the TV, men around the world are doing an incredible job being involved with their kids. Men who despite a hectic work life would carve out time to surround their children with the love they so deserve!

We at thank you for getting into the shoots, tossing your girl, letting your son grab your hair (or other parts), jumping on your brand new convertible and those piggy rides!!!

To the Dada, Papa, Daddy, Pappi, Lou-Tou Baba, Vater…. Happy Father’s Day!

Granville Island with the Chan Family | Vancouver Family Photography

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Ahh Granville Island. The place of clashing contrasts. Where else can one find a children market right opposite a beer brewing facility? Where the well heeled Vancouver yacht owners dine with scruffy bicycle owning hippies in a local artisan food court run by immigrants. In all technical purposes, ‘ol Granville is not even an island!

So it is in this home of the opposites where we met up with the Chan family. You see they travelled 10,000km from Hong Kong while we travelled 30km for this family photography session! Nah, they were really visiting loved ones and we’re just a side-show distraction. But hey we all had fun and little Charlyne was insanely adorable!

Welcome to Canada guys! Now go feed some ducks!

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Our 2012… | Vancouver Portrait Photographer

Tempus Fugit – Time Flies. And it sure did for us!

The velocity of 2012 has caught us by surprise considering our initial shoot started in the Spring. Then it all went warp speed through to end of the year. Arghh!!! And here we are already! The photo-shoots have brought us to many cool locations in the Vancouver region. This year took us to gorgeous coastal parklands in Burnaby, quaint farms in Maple Ridge and Langley, White Rock’s beaches and many others including an urban studio shoot in a concrete basement! But through it all, Anne and I have had the greatest pleasure to  meet and connect with some really wonderful people.

Reflecting back this amazing year the one word that stood out is – relationships. When we first set out in our portrait business we always believe that images need to be authentic and relate-able. Our vision is to document relationships through our photography. Our Storybook Collection augments that vision in the form of fine-art albums. I supposed we must be doing something right as our storytelling photography work has been noticed by a major professional print house in the US!

We want to thank you for your support and encouragements. Anne and I truly appreciate you because you stood with us when we first birth Veritas Images and are still with us we continue to grow. Most of all we thank you for believing in our work. So without further ado as it was with last year, here are some highlights of 2012! Or you can visit the full HD version!

Thank You & God Bless,

Alwin & Anne

the Patch | Maple Ridge Family Photographer

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Ahh…. Autumn. The smell of grass freshly watered during this season. Giggling kids as they make their way to school on their gumboots. Ahh… quiet at home alas. =) And of course with Fall season it means Pumpkin harvesting!

We are really blessed to have many opportunities for photo-shoots with awesome people. But we never forget to make time for ourselves. Therefore the Lai family has taken some time out to visit Maple Ridge’s Laity Farm, famous for its sea of pumpkins. What better way to spend quality family time than to tread through mud and sit behind a manured powered tractor hay-ride.

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