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Belinda & Nick Wedding at Shannon Wall Estate


Sometimes all it takes is a note. A love note to your wife or girlfriend. Sometimes it’s just an appreciation sticky to a husband or father of your child. A written gesture to express how deeply one feels for the other. There’s something really special with hand-written love notes. It connects in a personal way that no emoji on an LCD screen can ever replicate. We were connected to Nick and Belinda through Peter & Angie (aka Bunny Couple) to photograph their private intimate wedding at this historic Shannon Wall estate in Vancouver. Yes like most of you, we were confused thinking it was Sheraton Wall Center.

However this secluded location does exist and boy were we thrilled photographing this wedding there. We had so much fun wandering the incredible location. Here are some photos documenting that afternoon special event.

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Langat Family in Mont Kiara | Destination Portrait Photographer

Vancouver Portrait Photograph

“Do you know where Mont Kiara sir?” our cab driver asked us.

“No, not really. It’s in KL. Here’s the address…” I (Alwin) answered.

“I know-la. But where?” he replied. This back and forth went on for some time. After all Anne and I have no idea how big metro Kuala Lumpur is. This is a continuation of our Connections 2013 tour in Malaysia & Singapore. We have lined up a bunch of photoshoots back in early spring across the pond.

Finally Anne suggested a novel idea. “Well we have their number. Let’s call them.”  Huh! Who’d thunk?! What did they say about guys and directions? :)

Minutes later… after a few U-turns and some hand waving, we arrived at the beautiful expats neighbourhood of the Langat family. Adrian & Bernice has been looking to have some lifestyle family photography done for awhile when they found out about us. Here are some of the moments!


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Singapore’s Fullerton District with the Yong Family | Destination Portrait Photographer

Vancouver Portrait Photographer, Family Photography, Singapore Portrait Photographer

Hi everyone! Here’s our first segment on our international photoshoot tour!

Singapore! It has been many many years since we visited this island city state. The awesome metropolis has always been a super star city in the region. Our short stay here affirms that! With a total land mass smaller than Metro Vancouver, Singapore is quite compact. However we didn’t once felt cramped nor congested. Everything’s so organized and efficient. Even down to the arrival of the city bus and taxi cabs! Anytime describing Singapore without experiencing the local cuisine is sin! And to that end, Singapore doesn’t disappoint! Thanks to being the melting pot of all cultures throughout history, Singapore like its neighboring country Malaysia enjoys a diverse blend of ethnic yummies.

There are a ton of locales acting as great backdrop. For the Yong family, we mixed old world architecture with a bit of urban space into our portrait shoot. So we met-up with the quartet by the historic Fullerton Bay area.

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Kuei Family fun at Queens Park! {New Westminster Family Photographer}

Vancouver Portrait Photography

We met Adrian and Julia when there were only two of them! Then Nat Nat came along. Cool! Later Jayden joined the party. And Josiah made five. We have had the pleasure to photograph this little boy back in 2011. What was once a sleepy quiet little infant is now a hyperactive boy running around exploring everything at Queens Park in New Westminster. “Wait! Come back Jo Jo! Wait!”

Happy Spring! 😆

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Granville Island with the Chan Family | Vancouver Family Photography

portrait photography vancouver, family photographer vancouver

Ahh Granville Island. The place of clashing contrasts. Where else can one find a children market right opposite a beer brewing facility? Where the well heeled Vancouver yacht owners dine with scruffy bicycle owning hippies in a local artisan food court run by immigrants. In all technical purposes, ‘ol Granville is not even an island!

So it is in this home of the opposites where we met up with the Chan family. You see they travelled 10,000km from Hong Kong while we travelled 30km for this family photography session! Nah, they were really visiting loved ones and we’re just a side-show distraction. But hey we all had fun and little Charlyne was insanely adorable!

Welcome to Canada guys! Now go feed some ducks!

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