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Children Portrait | I Want to Be 2014

Cool Children Photography

Once again, we’re stoked to meet the beautiful kids at one of Maple Ridge’s finest pre-school – Roots to Wings. We were blessed with some insanely great weather too. No rain. Good! No heat! Great!

This year we have a guest Master Photographer. She is the brain trust of our inspiration. Taking some time off from watching “Ni Hao Kai Lan”, our Yoda-sized photographer decided to come out and show us a thing or two when it comes to children photography. Anne and I managed to seek some of her wisdom on how to last through hours of photography sessions. Her advise is “Seaweed crackers”. Remarkable. There are more tips and tricks below!

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Our 2012… | Vancouver Portrait Photographer

Tempus Fugit – Time Flies. And it sure did for us!

The velocity of 2012 has caught us by surprise considering our initial shoot started in the Spring. Then it all went warp speed through to end of the year. Arghh!!! And here we are already! The photo-shoots have brought us to many cool locations in the Vancouver region. This year took us to gorgeous coastal parklands in Burnaby, quaint farms in Maple Ridge and Langley, White Rock’s beaches and many others including an urban studio shoot in a concrete basement! But through it all, Anne and I have had the greatest pleasure to  meet and connect with some really wonderful people.

Reflecting back this amazing year the one word that stood out is – relationships. When we first set out in our portrait business we always believe that images need to be authentic and relate-able. Our vision is to document relationships through our photography. Our Storybook Collection augments that vision in the form of fine-art albums. I supposed we must be doing something right as our storytelling photography work has been noticed by a major professional print house in the US!

We want to thank you for your support and encouragements. Anne and I truly appreciate you because you stood with us when we first birth Veritas Images and are still with us we continue to grow. Most of all we thank you for believing in our work. So without further ado as it was with last year, here are some highlights of 2012! Or you can visit the full HD version!

Thank You & God Bless,

Alwin & Anne

the Patch | Maple Ridge Family Photographer

Vancouver Family Portrait, Maple Ridge Photography, Family Photography

Ahh…. Autumn. The smell of grass freshly watered during this season. Giggling kids as they make their way to school on their gumboots. Ahh… quiet at home alas. =) And of course with Fall season it means Pumpkin harvesting!

We are really blessed to have many opportunities for photo-shoots with awesome people. But we never forget to make time for ourselves. Therefore the Lai family has taken some time out to visit Maple Ridge’s Laity Farm, famous for its sea of pumpkins. What better way to spend quality family time than to tread through mud and sit behind a manured powered tractor hay-ride.

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I Want to Be… | Vancouver School Photographer

I’ve been meaning to put this on the blog for the longest time soon after our school photoshoot at Kids by Design in Maple Ridge, BC . However time never really permitted me to properly sit down to write this very special blog entry.

This idea was born after reminiscing with a bunch of old school friends on Facebook. Not a single one of us are doing what we wanted to do when we were young. I wanted to be a F-14 fighter pilot! And one of the guys that I know wanted to be a  WWF wrestler. Yup. A pro wrestler.  Like most of us, we just grew up and did something else. He has become an accountant with Ernst & Young.

So with that in mind, Anne and I bounced this “I Want to Be” project with the school owner as part of an optional package. We think it would be so cute for parents and families to look back at these school photos of their son or daughter  20 years from now. Needless to say everyone was thrilled by this style of children photography!

We didn’t quite know what to expect going into a school photoshoot. Will the children all run amok? Slap the blackboards at my camera? At me? We have absolutely no clue!

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2011… a reflection | Vancouver Family Photographer

WOW!!! Yes this has been a “Wow!” year for both Anne and I. About less than a year ago after one too many coffee, we discussed about transforming Veritas Images to include portraits. It was a paradigm shift for me as I have always been shooting interior images for real estate purposes! Taking photos of people? I already have trouble taking photos of inanimate objects let alone walking talking subjects with a mind of their own. Nonetheless, through the many strong encouragements from friends and families like yourself, we decided to jump in!

Many of you probably remember our first email message back in spring 2011 about our shift of focus @ VI. Your encouraging replies were like jet-fuel lighting the afterburners telling us to propel forward with our portrait expansion. It felt so long ago. Here we are… reflecting back on the year that just whizzed by. During our photography wanderings, we have met many wonderful people from places spanning across the Vancouver region. Shot more photographs than we can ever remember. Found ourselves in the oddest places. Nearly fell over a pond. Climbed trees, ran up and down a hill with 40lbs of gear, lay on a bed of rocks and stopped traffic at a busy historic intersection all in the name of cool pictures!

This portrait journey has been about connecting with the many beautiful unique people. It is about making a connection with strangers we now call friends. It is about going further to develop a deeper connection so that we can capture genuine authentic images. It is also about being inspired by the ordinary. Some of our most satisfying works are found under situations when we thought to ourselves “Well this is gonna be tough.”. HUMBLED…

Therefore this message is not to highlight so much of our achievements in the past year. Instead it’s gratitude. Gratitude to God for blessing us in more ways than one. Gratitude towards You for cheering us on and spreading the buzz around. This is our humble appreciation to all of you that believe in us.

Well here’s a look back at some of the memorable images we have shot for 2011! Of course the HD version is highly recommended! :-)

Thanks from the bottom of our hearts,
Anne & Alwin Lai