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Belinda & Nick Wedding at Shannon Wall Estate


Sometimes all it takes is a note. A love note to your wife or girlfriend. Sometimes it’s just an appreciation sticky to a husband or father of your child. A written gesture to express how deeply one feels for the other. There’s something really special with hand-written love notes. It connects in a personal way that no emoji on an LCD screen can ever replicate. We were connected to Nick and Belinda through Peter & Angie (aka Bunny Couple) to photograph their private intimate wedding at this historic Shannon Wall estate in Vancouver. Yes like most of you, we were confused thinking it was Sheraton Wall Center.

However this secluded location does exist and boy were we thrilled photographing this wedding there. We had so much fun wandering the incredible location. Here are some photos documenting that afternoon special event.

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Marina & Jay Wedding at the Burnaby Village Chapel

Burnaby Wedding, Vancouver Wedding, Burnaby Village Wedding

How ya feeling? Hot! Hot! Hot! Temperature in the Vancouver area was hovering about 34C. The city average about 25C this time of the year. And we’re about to shoot a jam packed Burnaby Village Chapel wedding in the afternoon. This is going to be an interesting one for sure. Hmm… so how are we going to combat the heat?…. in a century old chapel?

Never fear! Slurpee and ice slushies to the rescue!

Marina & Jay gang simply didn’t let the heat bother them. In fact this has got to be one of the funnest weddings we got to shoot. Everyone was just having a ball of a time! Check out this sizzling hot couple’s wedding photos.

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Wedding Story of A&P

shangrila wedding, wedding album

It’s no secret that here at we love our images translated onto printed material. There’s something really special revisiting a wedding day on a finely crafted album. Angie & Peter’s Vancouver wedding at the Shangri-La was definitely best captured in a book. The day started out at their charming home in Vancouver that slowly leads to an intimate wedding affair at the city’s classy hotel. One of the key to success of a good album or storybook is to have that mindset at the very beginning of the photoshoot. We frame images so that when strung together they tell a story. Check out more!

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Angie & Peter Wedding at The Shangri-La | Vancouver Wedding Photographer

vancouver wedding photographer, shangrila hotel

Well as far as weddings go, this is has been one of the most laid-back ones we have ever had the pleasure to shoot. We first met Angie & Peter and their talented rabbit last year where we photographed their engagement in New Westminster. So what’s the wedding plans for 2014? Simple – hangout in their beautiful heritage home, goof around and when it’s time… head on over to Shangri-La Vancouver for the wedding ceremony.

There’s something really fun and carefree when we just take things easy and shake off the usual agenda and schedules. So we rolled along with the rythm of course!

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J+K: Nitobe Garden Wedding | Vancouver Wedding Photographer

vancouver wedding photography

For those of you who have been following our works know just how much we love to incorporate the natural surroundings in our photoshoots. After all, we are located in one of the most beautiful cities in the world! This time we visited the tranquil peace of Nitobe Garden in UBC for a very beautiful and intimate wedding of Joanne and Kevin.

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