the Best-McGettigans | New Westminster Family Photographer

IMG 2431 w1 the Best McGettigans | New Westminster Family Photographer

“Hey I know you!” screamed little Austin.

“You’re the guy that threw leaves at us!” he said as he ran towards me.

The boys Austin and Tyson (also known candidly as Mild and Wild) came bounding towards me excitedly when I dropped by a few weeks after the family photoshoot. So that’s how they remembered Anne and I….as the folks that played leaves with them at the park. That’s pretty neat. Because we had fun too!

<Rewwwwinnnddd…. a few weeks earlier>

It’s amazing that every visit to the Best-McGettigans is always an event. It’s an experience…. a visceral thrill. Lots of energy in the house. While Dan is pretty laid back, Gina is always on the go with multiple things happening! You see, she is Gina Best of “Gina Knows Best“, co-owner for one of Vancouver’s forefront mortgage brokerage.

…and then we have Max and Foxie girl the two now-what-are-they-up-to-next pugs.

Gina passed me some candies and lollipops right before we start the shoot. “You’re gonna need it if you want good pictures….trust me.”

Great…. just great.

We started the shoot at the Best-McGettigans’ house of fun in New Westminster, BC.  Since this is a family profile photography session, we kept things loose and fun.

best mc the Best McGettigans | New Westminster Family Photographer

Then off to Queens Park we go! The park is the boys favourite play-ground.

There was running. Then jumping. Lots of jumping. Then came climbing…logs, trees, on one another. Swinging. Lots of leaves tossing. Followed by more running again.

I need more candies Gina!!!

best mc park the Best McGettigans | New Westminster Family Photographer

We hope that viewers would come away feeling that they have gotten to know the family better with our images.

Thanks guys for the great afternoon.

Oh you thought we forgot about the two little doggies huh? Here’s Foxy girl and Max!

IMG 3667 w the Best McGettigans | New Westminster Family Photographer