Family Portrait with the Sawkas at Mundy Park in Coquitlam

 coquitlam mundy park Family Portrait with the Sawkas at Mundy Park in Coquitlam

Through our photography sessions in the Metro Vancouver area, we have discovered numerous awesome location. Yet just a stone’s throw from where we live, Mundy Park is a place that we have never ever been! We might’ve even drove by it countless time and didn’t know of such a stunningly gorgeous location. It was here that we meet up with the awesome Sawka family!

“So I heard there were some bear sightings here recently?” Alwin asked.

“Oh yeah, bears are common here in this park” Rob casually replied.

“And cougars, crazy chipmunks and the odd coyote.” added Christian.

“Oh don’t listen to those two. They are just kidding!” Valarie quipped.

At that moment, we’re thinking are we going on a family portrait session or National Geographic Canadian edition? Check out the rest….

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Children Portrait | I Want to Be 2014

IMG 5140 p Children Portrait | I Want to Be 2014

Once again, we’re stoked to meet the beautiful kids at one of Maple Ridge’s finest pre-school – Roots to Wings. We were blessed with some insanely great weather too. No rain. Good! No heat! Great!

This year we have a guest Master Photographer. She is the brain trust of our inspiration. Taking some time off from watching “Ni Hao Kai Lan”, our Yoda-sized photographer decided to come out and show us a thing or two when it comes to children photography. Anne and I managed to seek some of her wisdom on how to last through hours of photography sessions. Her advise is “Seaweed crackers”. Remarkable. There are more tips and tricks below!

trans Children Portrait | I Want to Be 2014

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Wedding Story of A&P

IMG 4432 w Wedding Story of A&P

It’s no secret that here at we love our images translated onto printed material. There’s something really special revisiting a wedding day on a finely crafted album. Angie & Peter’s Vancouver wedding at the Shangri-La was definitely best captured in a book. The day started out at their charming home in Vancouver that slowly leads to an intimate wedding affair at the city’s classy hotel. One of the key to success of a good album or storybook is to have that mindset at the very beginning of the photoshoot. We frame images so that when strung together they tell a story. Check out more!

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the DiPratas @ Maple Ridge Park

IMG 0251 w the DiPratas @ Maple Ridge Park

It’s World Cup 2014. Yup. That’s the excuse for our tardiness in updating our blog and we’re sticking to it! icon smile the DiPratas @ Maple Ridge Park

Sadly the Italian Azzurri were ousted. But hey, this stylish Italian family we shot are fab! We met the DiPratas a while back and planned for a family photography session. They took us to a nearby forest trail in Maple Ridge, BC. Over the years we have moved towards a more photo-journalistic approach for portraits. So it was really neat to return to some classic portrait style.

As portrait photographers, we cannot stress enough on developing the foundational poses. Sometimes it is easy to just “Let it go” and be candid. Don’t get us wrong, some of the best photographers we admire create dynamic candids. However the ability to create well thought out portraits result in classic images that last for generations. Often these are the images that are enlarged and put on the walls and albums.

Alright, enough of words. Here are some of our favourite moments with the DiPratas!

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Tapestry of Motherhood

vancouver mothers day Tapestry of Motherhood

She loved us even before birth.

The one that stays up late in the night when her child fights a fever.

Silently wishes she could bore the pain each time her baby hurts.

She’s the one that cheers on when the world seems to turn away.

The one that makes the career sacrifice to care for her child.

Fight off tears as she entrusts her world to a stranger as she tries to make ends meet.

She’d fill her child with joy and help him aspire to higher heights.

She’s the one that gives her child the very best that she has to offer…. and more.

She’s the enduring figure in the tapestry of our lives.



At Veritas Images, we have had the wonderful privilege to photograph the moms and their beautiful relationships around Vancouver and abroad. We just want to honour all the mothers!

Must apologise as we cannot possibly fit all of the mothers’ we’ve photographed over the years. icon sad Tapestry of Motherhood