VI Kids at Roots to Wings

IMG 3074 w VI Kids at Roots to Wings

I quite remember the first time we got into children photography. Truth be told, we weren’t sure whether it is an area we will continue on. Well it’s been some 3 years since and both Alwin & I absolutely love every moment of it and it has become a unique breakaway from our family portrait and wedding photography in Vancouver.

This season we decided on “Rustic Intellectuals” as the theme. We can’t possibly post every child, but here are some including a couple of informal behind the scene shots.

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Kanaka Creek with the Pineiros | Maple Ridge Portrait Photographer

IMG 2551 w Kanaka Creek with the Pineiros | Maple Ridge Portrait Photographer

We love fall, we love the outdoors. It’s great living in beautiful British Columbia. So off to Kanaka Creek in Maple Ridge we went for this amazing family portrait!

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New Westminster Engagement with Angie & Peter

IMG 9661 w New Westminster Engagement with Angie & Peter

“Hi guys! Love your photography. We love for you to take photos of us!” Requested Peter & Angie.

“Hey for sure! We love to take photos of you two.” We replied.

“… and our bunny too” Peter added.

“Yeah, Alwin’s quite funny too!” Anne quipped “… did you mention a funny or bunny? As in tiny furry little critters?”

“Yup! Buffy’s our beloved pet rabbit.” Our two young couple replied. “…and she does tricks too!” Angie chimed in.

Oh this we gotta see! So we headed off to Queens Park in New Westminster for some engagement style photography with Buffy hopping along. We’ve shot many little animal friends over the years, but a bunny that does tricks and understands two languages? Well we just have to check it out!

In retrospect, we’re just glad that our little furry friend didn’t go bouncing off with its other furry friends at the park and turn our e-session into a search and rescue mission!

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2013 Highlights | Vancouver Portrait Photographer

The year has brought us back to meeting up with old friends and making new ones. Our zanny experiment with “Connections 2013 Tour” saw us free-wheelin’ in and around Asia photographing various families. Already we’ve been asked when’s the next Tour! We could never have imagined wandering around the business district of Singapore photographing a family blowing bubbles. Or find ourselves photographing quaint out door weddings and vow renewals. Through it all, the thrill never ends.

2013 can be summed up in one word – Gratitude.

We are so humbled to be the recipients of your trust in us to capture and share in your family moments. We are ever so grateful to you for sharing the word out about our work as portrait photographers. Thank You for believing in us!

For many, Veritas Images is Anne & Alwin. While that is true, VI would not be possible without the support from many of our friends and families. Most notably for our parents and also our good friend Emily who is always ready to hang out with our kids when we are on photoshoots. As a husband and wife team, knowing our kids are well cared for allowed us to comfortably go out doing what we do best. For that Anne and I thank you!

Well as what is turning out to be a tradition now, here are some of the highlights of twenty thirteen!
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Soundtrack: Jamie Grace’s “Hold Me”

Langat Family in Mont Kiara | Destination Portrait Photographer

IMG 0100 w1 Langat Family in Mont Kiara | Destination Portrait Photographer

“Do you know where Mont Kiara sir?” our cab driver asked us.

“No, not really. It’s in KL. Here’s the address…” I (Alwin) answered.

“I know-la. But where?” he replied. This back and forth went on for some time. After all Anne and I have no idea how big metro Kuala Lumpur is. This is a continuation of our Connections 2013 tour in Malaysia & Singapore. We have lined up a bunch of photoshoots back in early spring across the pond.

Finally Anne suggested a novel idea. “Well we have their number. Let’s call them.”  Huh! Who’d thunk?! What did they say about guys and directions? icon smile Langat Family in Mont Kiara | Destination Portrait Photographer

Minutes later… after a few U-turns and some hand waving, we arrived at the beautiful expats neighbourhood of the Langat family. Adrian & Bernice has been looking to have some lifestyle family photography done for awhile when they found out about us. Here are some of the moments!


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