the Chan Family at Tipperary Park, New Westminster

New Wesminster Family Photography, Portrait in New West, Tipperary

A little two years’ ago we had the opportunity to photograph this trio at Granville Island. Despite travelling half-way round the globe to Vancouver, we made the Chans feed ducks back then. Well they are back looking for more! The last time we saw Charlyne, she was just learning how to walk. Now she is just a mighty mite zipping about! We have no idea where this little 4 year old stores all her energy!

So this time instead of feeding feathered friends, we hit the Japanese garden inspired Tipperary Park for some awesome cherry blossom photography.

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the Adelsons at West Vancouver


Ahh…. the Adelsons. Where do we start? Well for starters, this much talked about photoshoot between Halina the matriach of the family and Alwin took place years ago. But timing has always been a challenge. You see they are a busy bunch. Every family member seems to be in different parts of the continent at any one time. Therefore out of the blue we got a call from an excited Halina. Everyone’s here!!! It was like a lunar eclipse event! We pretty much dropped everything and off we went to their gorgeous home in West Vancouver.

Instead of heading off to an outdoor location, we decided to just simply capture the various relational interactions at home. After all, when all is said and done…. it is the home life that are most precious. Check out the photos!

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VI Kids 2015 | Maple Ridge Portraits

Kids portrait, child photography, vancouver

Here at VI Central we have one overarching rule. That is everyone involved be themselves and have a little bit of fun in our portrait session. When it comes to children photography, we often turn that fun-quotient up a few notches! Well once again, we got to work with some amazing 4-year olds for our latest shoot at Maple Ridge, BC. This time around, we added a rear lighting effects to provide a touch of high-fashion magazine look.

Check out some shots and behind the scenes images!

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the Kueis @ Kelowna


Ahh Kelowna, BC. The cool little city that’s split in two by Lake Okanagan. Home to some of British Columbia’s most excellent vineyards and fruit farms. So when we had the chance to go shoot some family photos there, we jumped on it. We followed the Kuei family around the area for some family portraits and celebrated Adrian’s fortieth. How many fingers do you take to count that?!

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Cruz Family | New Westminster Photographer

Vancouver Family Photography, New Wesminster photographer

World! This is Angelina. Everyone say “Hi Cutie!!!”

Over the years we have had the pleasure of photographing many adorabl babies. Little Angelina was easily one of the smiliest, funniest, easiest going 6 month old ever! Our style of photography is usually pretty engaging. After all we want to capture the relationships of our subjects. This time we head to the Cruz home in New Westminster for their family portrait. After a couple of “warm-up” shots, the trio got right into. Later on we hung out at beautiful Queens Park. OK enough words, it’s photos time….

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